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Check out our Fall Repair Specials mailer and save on heating costs this winter! Count on Martin Factory Sales for commercial door repair, garage doors, industrial garage doors, commercial garage door installation and commercial garage door replacement, perimeter weather tune-up, levelers, dock shelters, plus overall dock and door sales and service.

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Same Day Sectional Doors

Sections in stock:

  • Standard raised short panel, white.
  • horizontal rib

High Speed Doors

Featuring high speed metal doors for exterior applications, high speed fabric doors that can be used in interior and exterior applications and high speed, high cycle rubber door for use in areas with extreme environments. These are fast-acting doors with a springless design that requires minimal interruption for maintenance and the fabric doors feature breakaway technology to make doors field repairable.

Rolling Doors

Rolling doors provide security and protection from the elements at the exterior and interior building openings. Our high quality commercial rolling doors, in steel or aluminum, come in a variety of finishes and additional features.

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Dock Levelers

Our leveler is permanently attached to a dock face and provides a service range. Bumpers and steel bumper boxes included.

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EOD ( Edge of Dock )

The dock leveler lip and ramp creates a smooth path for any trailers that are transitioning from one surface to a lower/higher one, with a spring counterbalance to help lift each of these EODs.

Truck Restraints

Truck restraints add an adequate safety option around the loading dock area, which helps reduce costly risk. One of those risks is the dreaded gap from “trailer creep” which often prompts a forklift fall-off. Having the force of truck restraints is a more secure alternative to wheel chocks, which tend to go missing. Truck restraints can be dynamically integrated with stop and go communication light systems.

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We offer a variety of safety devices, commercial door openers, commercial door hardware, operators, and gate operators.