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Dock & Door Planned Maintenance

Dock levelers, truck restraints, and overhead doors are battered every day by forklift traffic and tractor trailers.

martin factory sales

For example, a typical dock leveler sees thousands of forklift crossings every month. The highest quality loading dock equipment still needs some care and attention to work right.

Protecting your loading dock and industrial door equipment doesn’t have to be complicated. A Planned Maintenance Program with Martin Factory Sales will keep your commercial roll-up doors and loading docks in good working condition and allow you to run your business at peak performance.

martin factory sales

Look at these savings below:

  • Major equipment repair costs can be reduced by 12 – 18% over the lifetime of the equipment.
  • Utility bills can be cut by 5 – 20%.
  • Longer equipment lifetime means greater ROI.
  • Less equipment failures and delays equals increased productivity, improve customer satisfaction, and increased facility safety.

Your Planned Maintenance Program starts with our trained technician inspecting and assessing every piece of your dock or door equipment. Planned maintenance visits can be scheduled monthly, quarterly, or whatever is needed for your budget and operational needs.

You will receive the following during a scheduled maintenance with Martin Factory Sales:

  • We remove debris from equipment and components to ensure longer life and a more efficient workplace
  • We inspect all equipment for operational safety and damage.
  • We will lubricate or grease needed components which will protect them from corrosion and premature wear.
  • We will make minor adjustments to ensure equipment runs as smoothly and consistently.
  • We will present you with a list of completed work and recommended repairs for your approval.
  • Our planned-maintenance customers receive priority emergency and call-out service.

Martin Factory Sales will maintain a complete and accurate inventory of your door and loading dock equipment.
Call our commercial expert: Jason Pedersen with any questions: 801-502-9040 or click to email.

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